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    Suvani (Gail Stepanek), M.A., CCHT

    Suvani (Gail Stepanek), M.A., CCHT, has been teaching and counseling students in the United States, Europe and India for the past 35 years. Suvani is a certified yoga teacher, certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki healing practitioner Levels 1 and 2 and professional choreographer and dancer. She received her Masters degree in dance education at Columbia University in New York. Ms. Stepanek directed and choreographed for her own modern dance company in New York City from 1975- 1990. She co-founded Dance East and founded the Helix Dance Foundation.

  • Suvani is a master teacher and was a Professor of Yoga at City College of San Francisco from 1999-2015. She has served as a teacher and guest artist in colleges, universities and dance festivals in Europe and the United States since 1975. She also has an extensive background in the healing arts including Light Activation, Theta healing, Motherwave, Reiki , hypnotherapy and shamanic healing practices. Suvani has practiced and taught several different eastern and western spiritual traditions.


    Ms. Stepanek’s experience and influences in yoga include Siddha Yoga, Integral Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga and certifications in Sivananda Yoga and Sacred Heart Yoga. She was a student of Ammachi’s for 20 years and spent extensive time living in ashrams in India and the United States where she studied and taught yoga.


    Suvani’s work blends her extensive background in movement, dance, yoga, meditation, spirituality and the healing arts. She has a desire to serve others in their process of creating health, well-being, healing, enhanced creativity, life transformation and spiritual growth. She brings joy, inspiration and deep care for her students and clients into her work..


    Suvani lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico and teaches yoga workshops, retreats, classes and private yoga sessions. She also offers private hypnotherapy sessions.


    For further information: (925 708-0627) or Suvanispirit@gmail.com

  • Video

    3 minutes of yoga

    Suvani teaches yoga with an emphasis on proper alignment to protect the body from injury. She also emphasizes the integration of physical practice with the spiritual principles of yoga.

    Philosophy of Yoga instruction

    Yoga is a practice for the body, mind and spirit. Incorporating the philosophy into your daily life can help you to achieve more peace and equanimity.

    Guided Meditation

    Suvani brings her extensive experience in eastern and western meditation practices and mindfulness to her students.

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico yoga and meditation class to be scheduled - Drop -in fee $15 - For more info. call 925 708-0627 or email suvanispirit@gmail.com


    Private classes

    Yoga and Meditation classes online. For more info. call 925 708-0627 or email suvanispirit@gmail.com


    Living in the Light - Yoga Retreat to be scheduled - For more info. call 925 708-0627 or email suvanispirit@gmail.com


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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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